Pastured Pork

The Berkshire

 is a heritage breed that first gained notoriety during the English Civil War around 1650 when forces under Oliver Cromwell’s command in England found the hogs in a rural Thames Valley location called the Shire of Berks. Nearly 400 years later the breed is still widely thought to provide the highest quality pork with regard to those characteristics that determine eating quality: high pH level, redness of color, marbling, firmness, tenderness, juiciness, and high-back fat levels. The high level of intramuscular fat that lends the Berkshire its heavily marbled appearance is largely responsible for the sweetness, richness, and juiciness of the meat.

            At Spirit Creek Farms, The genetic heritage of the breed is accentuated by the healthy muscular, metabolic and hormonal profile of the active, stress-free pastured hog. Raised outside in our pastures and woodlots, our hogs can root, forage and browse for roots, tubers, grubs, grass, leaves, twigs, hickory nuts, acorns, vegetables (either planted or brought in from our friends at the Good Earth on Davis Road,) and planted forage like clover, rye, wheat, peas, radishes and beets.

Our feed is milled and our animals are processed within a 45 minute drive of Augusta by small,family owned and run operations. No chemicals—including fertilizers, insecticides, antibiotics, added hormones or herbicides—are used in our pastures, crops, trees or anywhere else. Our animals are born and raised on our farm alongside their families and ours. Throughout, they are handled and treated with respect and appreciation for the part they will play in growing and improving our farm as well as the sustenance they will provide for us, our family, our friends and our clients. Many of them are named by the kids.

Put simply, our hogs enjoy a very high quality of life and, as a result, our clients enjoy a very high quality of pork.