Grass Fed Beef

Sustainable and nutrient-dense

Our grass-fed cattle graze 90 acres of pasture in Augusta-Richmond County, Georgia. Our rotational grazing system, in combination with a low stocking rate, ensures that we are building up our pastures over time rather than degrading them.

 Our pastures are comprised of a perennial Bermuda and Bahia base and twice each year seasonal annual forages (rye, wheat, clover, radishes, millet, sorghum-sudan, etc.) are drill-seeded into the sod to improve the quality of the pasture and the meat.

As a result of our grazing system, our pastures trade chemical dependence (fertilizers, herbicides,, etc.) for enhanced biological activity (life). Our pastures receive no chemical inputs whatsoever. Additionally, manure and rainwater are incorporated into the sod rather than running off into neighboring lands and waterways.

Our highly sustainable model of finishing beef on grass produces delicious high quality nutrient-rich meat while improving our pastures and the broader environment