About Our Farm

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Our 105 acre farm is located on spirit Creek between Charlie Webster’s pond and the Savannah River. We’re about 15 minutes from downtown Augusta. Starting in 1960 the farm has been maintained by our family almost entirely as a perennial base Bahia and Bermuda grass pasture for grazing cattle. Over the years we’ve had hogs, chickens, horses, mules, llamas, and donkeys in addition to the cattle. My grandparents built the home on knoll overlooking the farm.

     For the past several years we’ve raised hogs, chickens, produce and honey for ourselves, our families and friends, and a limited group of clients and supporters. Our primarily goal is to continue raising and feeding our families on the farm. Additionally, we intend to continue developing our sustainable pastured-based model while expanding operations to reach a broader group of local businesses and families interested in eating fresh, nutritious and delicious meat, poultry and produce that is produced sustainably and humanely.